Edwin Urquilla

About me

Salvadoran engineer, project leader, architect and developer.
Avid autodidact striving to push forward a pragmatic change in the industry. Looking to never stop traveling and always making a difference. Currently enjoying work and challenges at Synopsys Inc.


Synopsys Inc

Software Engineer

TELUS International

Java Developer (Full stack and Netcracker developer) (2016)

Developed automatic inventory provisioning tools.
Provisioned items like phone numbers, IP trunking services, etc. Scope included sales representatives UI, business specific provisioning logic and integration with multiple software and hardware backend provisioning systems.

Sistema de Información de la Gestión Municipal

Sysadmin, Developer And Tech Consultant (2016)

Software Architect and Linux sysadmin of on premises servers
Front end developer with React.js/Node.js stack
API developer with Java EE and Play Framework!

Midō Internacional

Technical Lead (2013-2014, 2014-2016)

Interviewed and introduced new members of the technical team. Architected and developed solutions for government, financial entities and other companies in diverse industries Managed and developed projects using Devops techniques with tools like Docker, Vagrant and Git. Mentored team members in technologies like JavaEE, Ruby on Rails, Cordova, Angular.js and Scala. Deployed applications to production infrastructure.

Manuel Solís Law Firm

Web Developer (2011)

Developed modules for a web application to control enterprise resources like clients, cases and information from operators, administrative assistants and supervisors.

Other abilities